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Don't you love carpets? We do. We love them so much we clean them for a living, and we've cleaned many carpets in The Lakes and Houston over the past decade. Carpets look great in every room, they feel nice to walk on, and they can last a lifetime, when taken care of. A wall to wall carpet's main disadvantage is their tendency to collect dust, dirt and humidity on and under the surface.

This teeny-weeny problem affects all advantages of carpets - it makes the carpets look dull, they feel rougher to the touch, and they don't last as long as you'd expect. However, this can all be overcome by keeping a cleaning schedule as well as having professional carpet cleaning every few months. The carpet cleaners will bring your carpets' colors back to almost new condition, remove all soil and dirt, and even take care of the stain left by food spilled (or your pet, if you have one).

When living in The Lakes in the Houston - Sugar Land - The Woodlands metropolitan area, one should also be aware of the high humidity found in the area. High humidity affects everything, from people to homes, including the carpets. Humidity absorbed in the carpet can create big problems, such as mold growth, dust mites, cockroaches - you name it. To prevent all these bad things from happening to you and helping your carpets cope with the high humidity of The Lakes, call Houston Carpet Cleaners to take the contaminants out of your carpets.

No More Damp Carpet

A regularly maintained carpet, one that is professionally cleaned at least 2 times of year, will not only decrease the chances of mold and mildew spores forming in your carpet, it will also help mitigate the gross sticky, damp feeling of your carpet even on the most humid of days. Moreover, regularly cleaned carpets can last a lot longer than unmaintained carpets.

We provide a variety of services for The Lakes residents and businesses, but our most important service is customer service. All of our clients in The Lakes know that their satisfaction is our top priority, providing the best cleaning results at an excellent price. We want your The Lakes home clean - so clean it will make you smile.

Houston Carpet Cleaners uses the hot water extraction method for our professional carpet cleaning. This method has been recognized as the best cleaning practice for carpets, upholstery and rugs. The process is quick and is carried out by our experienced carpet cleaning professionals. We provide our cleaning services to large areas of the Houston metropolitan area, including The Lakes.

Houston Carpet Cleaners uses safe products for cleaning, which means your carpet will be clean, spotless, contaminant free and safe for your children and pets to enjoy.

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