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Upholstery cleaning can be carried out as a stand alone job or in conjunction with a greater home cleaning objective. Upholstery cleaning usually refers to furniture cleaning, but this is not exclusive. Upholstery cleaning also refers to leather cleaning, auto upholstery cleaning, padding, pillows, and anything else involving fabric.

A Way To Cleaner Air

Upholstery cleaning as a means for improving indoor air quality nicely reinforces carpet cleaning efforts. When you think bout it, if your end goal is to sanitize your indoor air, and do so through moving toxins from your carpets, then it makes sense to practice the same method anywhere else similar toxins might exist.

The method is very similar, but as with all of our services, the final method used will be dependent on your particular upholstered fabric. Some fabric materials have particular cleaning instructions which allow or restrict the use of water and water based solvents. When removing a stain is required, these specific cleaning instructions become more restricted. Because ruining your upholstery is a possibility when your fabric has specific cleaning instructions, it is always best to leave the cleaning process to professionals.

Green Products

As with all of our services, Houston Carpet Cleaners uses only 100% natural green products. This is our choice because eco-friendly products have no associated health risks for you and your family. However, sometimes all the elbow grease in the world will not move a stain and so we leave the option of moving on to more chemical based products to you. Should you choose to employ chemical cleaning agents, our cleaning professionals are still happy to carry out the cleaning for you because, as we said, the risks of ruining your upholstery always run high.

For more information about your particular upholstery and the cleaning required or for a free over the phone price estimate, please contact our customer service representatives today.

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