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At La Porte & Houston Carpet Cleaners we have been working with state of the art cleaning products and methods to ensure the cleanest and freshest environments for our clients. Figuring out the best technology to use (that is also the most environment friendly), La Porte cleaning services have specific cleaning products for every use.

While living in La Porte, you might want to invest in some professional cleaners for either your office or home environment. While it is true that you should be able to maintain a clean office or home yourself, you should get professional cleaning at least once a year. That is exactly when you should call Houston Carpet Cleaners in in La Porte at 713-936-5770.

In the 19th century, this city was named La Porte (literally "the door") by the French when it was founded on upper Galveston Bay. The city is a pathway and center for international trade, with the Barbours Cut Terminal located at its shores (and the new Bayport Terminal just south of it, now).

The city has some great parks, offering swimming pools, athletic complexes and even a rodeo arena. For example Little Cedar Bayou Park offers places for picnics, sports and swimming, boasting a 6 foot deep wave pool and 10 minute intervals of wave action.

Want to smile when you come home? Call Houston Carpet Cleaners in La Porte today and receive a free estimate on all services in this great town. For more Houston cleaning services contact

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