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It takes an expert touch to clean couches, sofas and loveseats properly. Vacuuming can do only part of the job, cleaning the surface mainly and not really getting deeper in to the upholstery's fabric. If you really want your furniture to look and smell great - you want to call Houston Carpet Cleaners to clean your Bayside Terrace home.

Your cushions, arm rests and head rests may not look as good as they did. They may be dull, or stained. With our cleaning experts in Bayside Terrace, you can consider the dirt and stains already gone. We'll clean your couches, sofas and chairs back to mint condition, and provide you with a cleaning experience to remember every time you'll approach your upholstery.

Keeping Your Sofa Cleaner - For You, For Your Family, For Your Guests

Professional cleaning is a lot more than just vacuuming the fabric or getting rid of stains. It's about treating your sofa or couch with the right treatment, giving it exactly what it needs. Taking delicate care of the fiber is a basic requirement. Knowing which materials to use, at what temperature, and when to apply each substance is more than basic. It's acquired knowledge, which is gained through experience. Our teams have more than enough experience, in addition to the extensive training we provide them.

Achieving expertise in furniture and carpet cleaning requires time, patience and great passion for the profession. A good cleaner is always one who loves what he's doing, and more than happy to meet new clients and provide them with the best cleaning service they ever got. Our local teams in Bayside Terrace are exactly that.

We Clean the Furniture, You Get the Compliments

We've been serving the good people of Bayside Terrace awesome cleaning services for over a decade. During this decade, we have serviced thousands of clients with various cleaning needs, requirements and expectations. Indeed, we met every customer's expectations or exceeded them - time after time after time.

We'll give your Bayside Terrace home the best cleaning in the Greater Houston area, so you can reap the compliments from our cleaning efforts. Your home will look new, your furniture will be refreshed and stain free, and we can also make sure your carpets get their springiness back. We'll make sure the next time you have guests over, you'll want them to tour the whole house to show off how fresh and clean it is!

The Furniture Cleaning Process

Providing excellent cleaning requires a meticulous execution of the cleaning process, as well as using the right cleaning agents for every fabric and condition. At Houston Carpet Cleaners, we have a well-planned cleaning process which brings best results, even if your furniture is more dirty than usual. Our process includes:

  • Initial inspection and testing - Inspection of your sofa or couch is very important, as each and every upholstered item is different than the one next to it. Even the same recliner, which has been used by different people would require separate cleaning processes. Once our estimation of condition and price is done, we will advise you the right way to proceed.
  • Preliminary Cleaning - our initial cleaning ill include vacuuming, dusting and some good old beating the dust out of cushions and pillows. Getting rid of dust and other particles is important throughout the process, so a good preliminary cleaning gives you a great starting point.
  • Hot Water Extraction - the main cleaning step. Using a commercial grade hot water extraction machine to get deep in to the fiber and fabric, we will clean your furniture and restore it to its original color and comfort.
  • Inspection and Improvements - after the hot water extraction we will review the sofa again, to check if there are any stains or other issues with the cleaning. If so, we may do a stain removal process or deep cleaning, to make sure the cleaning is truly effective.
  • Final Review and farewell - after we're done, we'll make sure you're happy with the results, provide you with instructions to maintain the upholstery's clean condition, and bid you farewell until the next time we meet.

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