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Draperies, Valances and Shutters Cleaning

Houston Carpet Cleaners is about so much more than just cleaning carpets! We also take care of all your household, office, and industrial cleaning needs as well. For example, our Houston Carpet Cleaners & window treatment department specializes in the cleaning, restoration, and repair of anything associated with your windows, including: blinds, shutters, shades, drapes, office windows, and curtains.

Individualized Cleaning and Care

Since all of these furnishings use different materials ranging from wood, metal, vinyl, natural and synthetic fibers, it is essential that each of your furnishing receives the appropriate care specific to it. We understand this need and respond accordingly with a number of cleaning products to restore your windows and shades to their finest quality.

How The Process Works

After your free estimate, and the price has been established, our experts will take your furnishings to our cleaning facility where we can properly clean and care for them. Not only is this the best environment for them, but it is best for you too since it creates the least amount of disturbance possible. Not only is Houston Carpet Cleaners concerned with providing you top quality cleaning, we are also determined to make the experience as stress free as possible for you, our valued client.

Let The Sunshine In Today!

Whatever soils, stains or contaminants are on your blinds, shutters, shades, drapes, curtains or windows, our specially formulated cleaning products will gently remove their presence so that once we return them to you, you will be able to enjoy top quality furnishings - as clean as the day you purchased them - once again.

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Cleaning Special Offers
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